Making up your own repair kits.

We now have several companies buying Stormsure Adhesive to make up their own repair kits. The small 5g tubes are the simplest tube to include in a kit and we sell them in bulk with no packing.  A tub of 75 small tubes is perfect. These tubes contain more than enough glue for most minor repairs. Many people keep a few handy and treat them as “single use” tubes so they always have a fresh tube for a new repair. (I use mine carefully and get 2 or 3 repairs out of each tube).

Add patches of nylon, neoprene, leather, rubber, PVC or what ever other materials you need for your kit.

Remember, Stormsure often needs no patch as it forms an incredibly tough film on its own. It works really well on furniture, brickwork, wax jackets and footwear. That’s versatile!

We now sell a range of repair kits for different purposes and they are selling like hot cakes.  Have you got an idea for what would you could fix with Stormsure?






Due to our overwhelming festive spirit and the desire to know what your best repair has been this year we are offering the readers of our blog the opportunity to win either a 10m roll of TUFF tape or a selection of our repair kits!

All you have to do is tell us what your best repair has been to date, let us know by emailing before 12th December and we will let you know who our winner is by the 18th!

Our You Tube site is a good place to start if you want any tips and tricks on how to mend the items within our growing range of repair kits, TUFF tapes, TUFF patches and Flexible Repair Adhesives.



Does anyone ever give a thought to the cold, hardworking beaters on a shoot?


The ones that trudge through the thorny bushes and densely packed tree’s and mud to push the birds out.

Probably not.  However, here at STORMSURE we do!

We have a range of products that fix up those pesky rips and tears in waterproof trousers and coats, damage to expensive jackets and leaking footwear especially gumboots.

Our best selling Boot, Shoe and Wader Repair Kit is a brilliant product that transforms unwearable footwear in an instant.  It allows you to make a long-lasting, waterproof repair that is also flexible.

Boot, Shoe and Wader Repair Kit

We also have patches and tape that will make waterproofs waterproof once more in under a minute, great when your out in the field and need an instant fix.

Pack of 5 x 75mm waterproof patches

Pack of 5 x 75mm waterproof patches

And finally……  They are affordable, available now and quickly despatched.

Why not check out our range at and buy a few stocking fillers.


It’s getting closer and closer to that time of year when stockings are being planned and hopefully filled!

How about a STORMSURE REPAIR KIT to pop inside, they are compact, useful and we believe a great gift!  Check out our CHRISTMAS OFFERS page and sign up to receive our Christmas Discount Code we are offering our customers 15% off purchases up until 23rd December.

There are plenty of Repair Kits to choose from.

We promise to never bombard you with emails and never pass your details on to other companies.

How to fix your all your waterproofs, shoes and boots!


Now is the time to start fixing those shoes, boots and waterproofs for the cold, wet months ahead!


Items left over the summer months may need a little TLC and Stormsure has the answer with the quick, efficient, cost effective best selling Repair Kits!


Our favourite seller is the Boot, Shoe and Wader Repair Kit that is so easy to use, sealing the boot with a flexible, abrasion resistant, waterproof seal overnight.



The Repair Kit consists of a 15g tube of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive and two 50mm patches, which can also be used on ripped technical waterproof clothing such as Gortex as well as nylon and PVC raincoats and trousers, providing an effect invisible waterproof repair that is long lasting.  We also have TUFF Tape Patches in a pack of 5 and 50cm long strip of TUFF Tape which you can cut to size.  Keep the TUFF Tape patches in your pocket and you can fix items in seconds when you are out and about.



All of our products can be bought individually so you can stock up on your favourites!  Visit our website to buy a pack we’ll send them 1st class so you’ll get them the next day.