Triathlon Wetsuit repair

Fix Rips in Triathlon Wetsuits

Fix Rips in Triathlon Wetsuits

Any experienced triathlete will know that depressing feeling when they pull on their wetsuit , and their fingernails pierce the neoprene material. Often it is just a small hole and maybe brushed off as “not a big deal”… until the next time they pull it on and a massive rip appears.

The simple solution is to fix the small hole right away.

It only takes 2 or 3 minutes and can be done anywhere; even on the beach.  You just need a tube of Neoprene Queen Wetsuit Repair Adhesive.

Put a thin layer of the black Neoprene Queen glue on the thin edge of the rip (on both sides that need to be glued together).   Leave it for 2  minutes until the glue is touch dry, and then carefully aligned the split and press the edges together again firmly. That is all there is to it! The repair will be as strong as the original material.

We have 5g tubes of Neoprene Queen available and also larger 30g tubes.

Buy a few of the small ones and keep one in your car, one in your sports bag and another at home. You will always be able to fix that small hole in the neoprene before it gets any larger.


Stormsure’s New Mobile Website

Now you can easily make a Stormsure purchase online using your smart phone. The Stormsure website has been adapted to work simply on small screen devices (iPads, tablets and smart phones) and it could hardly be easier to use. All of the well know products are available and can be purchased at the click of a couple of buttons. We have also introduced a number of new products and accessories and have a really exciting new product to launch in the summer.  Watch this space… Have you tried out our mobile site yet? Try this from you smart phone… It looks different to what you see on your desktop computer.



Due to our overwhelming festive spirit and the desire to know what your best repair has been this year we are offering the readers of our blog the opportunity to win either a 10m roll of TUFF tape or a selection of our repair kits!

All you have to do is tell us what your best repair has been to date, let us know by emailing before 12th December and we will let you know who our winner is by the 18th!

Our You Tube site is a good place to start if you want any tips and tricks on how to mend the items within our growing range of repair kits, TUFF tapes, TUFF patches and Flexible Repair Adhesives.



It’s getting closer and closer to that time of year when stockings are being planned and hopefully filled!

How about a STORMSURE REPAIR KIT to pop inside, they are compact, useful and we believe a great gift!  Check out our CHRISTMAS OFFERS page and sign up to receive our Christmas Discount Code we are offering our customers 15% off purchases up until 23rd December.

There are plenty of Repair Kits to choose from.

We promise to never bombard you with emails and never pass your details on to other companies.

I had to pay a lot of money to fix it!

I never like having to replace  a fairly new item just because I have damaged it.

Last autumn a friend spent £300 on a new pair of really good quality wellington boots, only to snag them on  barbed wire last winter and ripping a hole in the rubber near the side of his foot. He was mortified at the prospect of replacing them when he had only used them for a few weeks.

In reality, we often think we need to replace things rather than repair them. But it is not true.

At Stormsure, we encourage you all to think about making a lasting repair with our products. For a small price you really can save a great deal of money.

Try out our new TUFF Tape and special Repair Kits.

Once you have used it you will never go back to anything else!

Stormsure Fixes Nearly Everything!

Fix rips in window and fabric

Fix rips in window and fabric

Stupid Accident…

Ever reversed your car into a tree and smashed out the back window?  Well I have.

Stupid moments can cost money and time especially when you need to travel.  With no glass in the back of my car and rain imminent I had to think fast.  I needed something that would stick (most importantly) and remain watertight and then I remembered my 10m box of STORMSURE’S TUFF TAPE… (and a see through polythene sheet).

I quickly cleared away as much glass as possible, ensuring that the area I wanted to stick on to was clean and dry.  Starting at the top I secured the polythene in the corners and followed with long stretches of TUFF TAPE till the area was stuck too perfection!


National windscreen turned up two hours later ;)…


Need to fix a HGV Curtain-Side effectively and at an affordable price?


HGV curtain sides are difficult and expensive to repair.  Stormsure Tuff Tape and Tuff tape Patches could be the answer.  The products are quick to use, highly effective and affordable making them the perfect choice.

Rips and tears on the sides of HGV’s are unsightly and are often fixed using gaffer tape as an emergency repair.  This, after time frays and gradually becomes ineffective letting water damage further exacerbate the problem.  Tuff Tape and Tuff Tape Patches are an efficient, easy to use and highly effective. The tape is transparent, elastic and will stretch. It is incredibly abrasion resistant, waterproof and resilient.

The HGV’s curtain does not have to be removed and fixed by a third party, this often means the vehicle is out of use for several hours or days.  Tuff Tape keeps the vehicle on the road and in use all the time.  The driver can make the repair himself in a matter of minutes, so there is no wasted time or loss in driver hours.

TUFF Tape is available in:

75mm circular patches

500mm x 75mm strips

10m x 75mm rolls

We also use them in our new range of Repair Kits

They are all available from the Stormsure web shop