Time to restore and pack your winter horse rugs

Cold weather is coming to an end and winter rugs are being packed away as the sun comes out.

This makes it prime time to REPAIR and RESTORE your warm rugs so that they are ready for use when the next winter arrives.

The Stormsure Horse Rug Repair Kit contains everything you need to create durable, waterproof and flexible repairs to rips in your rugs. Don’t wait – buy yours today!

See also – Stormproof Durable Water Repellent for keeping your rugs dry and warm. A litre bottle will treat at least 2 lightweight horse rugs and it also works great on hacking jackets!

How To Replace Heavily Worn Rubber Boot Heels

Heels wear down. Replacing boots can be very expensive. Here is a solution which can save you a fortune (or £330 in this case)!


1) Abrade the surface to give give the glue some grooves to cling on to. We did this using a drill but it can also be done using sandpaper.

2) Secure your boots so that the soles are flat. The flatness during curing will determine how accurately the glue will take shape of the heel. If there is excess glue, however, it can be sanded or cut off once cured.

3) Tape around the heel so that the adhesive can’t spill and so that it takes the correct shape.

4) Squeeze glue onto the heel and let it settle and take shape. We recommend 15g for a pair of heels.

5) If there are air bubbles, pop them/brush them out using a sharp object. We used a piece of metal wire.

6) Allow the adhesive to cure for 12 hours.

7) Trim excess glue if required and enjoy your new heels!

Have you ever taken a fall in your favourite jacket?

Our new video will show how to paint Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive over damaged fabric (lots of tiny rips) to create a smooth layer on top of the damage which seals the holes and brings the item back to functionality.

Works great for when you have had a nasty fall in your jacket and caused an area of small rips as opposed to a single large rip (which would be repaired with TUFF Tape).



Watch A Boat Get Cut In Half & Put Back Together With Stormsure Adhesive [VIDEO]

Ever wondered how Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive would perform in an extreme scenario? Well – here’s how!

Special thanks to Imperial Fishing for carrying out this test which involved cutting an inflatable boat straight across the middle and then gluing it back together using Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive. This is a perfect demonstration of how our glue performs on a larger scale, so don’t miss it!

How To Waterproof Clothing With Stormproof (Wool, Cotton, Nylon, Leather & more!) [VIDEO]

Stormsure are back again and are welcoming you to an introduction to another gem in our range – Stormproof.

Stormproof is a water based spray-on durable water repellent that adds a layer of anti-drop to most surfaces which effectively makes them waterproof.

This maintains breathability and dryness and is an essential add-on to your favourite jacket, hat, pair of hiking boots or whatever else!





How To Fix A Trampoline Mat [VIDEO]

Stormsure adhesives are highly abrasion resistant and flexible, making them perfect for repairing things that would be otherwise impossible with super glue, in this case – trampolines.

Watch this fast DIY fix which uses 5 grams of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive and 2 TUFF Tape patches to learn how you can prevent further damage from occurring due to small holes in your trampoline (or other woven fabrics).


Waxed Barbour Jacket Repair Using Stormsure [VIDEO]

Here’s a demonstration of us fixing a nasty rip in a wax jacket quickly and cheaply. The cost of the repair came to less than £4 (a fraction of what a replacement would cost) and the jacket is now reliably sealed and waterproof. The following is a list of things we used:

SAVE YOUR MONEY: Don’t replace – repair!