Horse Blanket Repair

We are shortly going to let out the horses and ponies without their blankets on. I am just waiting for the frosts to come to an end.

Then it will be time to give the horse rugs and blankets a good checking over and repair the cuts and rips, and repair the loose belts and stitching that they inevitable get. These occur when the animals roll, rub against a tree or fence post or get the blanket snagged on barbed wire.  Luckily this is easy to fix at home thanks to Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive. There is now no need to send them off to a professional repairer,which is expensive; they will not touch them without washing them first and you have to pay for a courier both ways.

I have a short video which shows you how to make a really good repair on a waterproof rug in just a few minutes. You can even use this product to make repairs on cracked and damaged leather tack, Wellington and riding boots too.It is available at in 4 different sized tubes.