Hero – The Bear

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“Hero” is the name of the Help for Heroes charity mascot. They sell them in their online shop for  £10.

Last Friday I went to an excellent Masked Ball which was raising funds for Help for Heroes.

There was a dance and an auction of various items like David Beckham’s Football shirt, use of someones holiday home in the Med etc.  I had two “Hero” bears in my car and popped out to get them, and then asked for them to be sold at the end of the auction.  Two serving soldiers from 33 Eng Reg EOD told us of their experiences in BombDisposal in Afghan and Iraq. It is really scary what they have to do.  You could have heard a pin drop.

When the auction continued and the Lot of “2 Cuddly Bears” came up, I was excited. The first one went for £120; this amazing price did not last long, as the second bear sold for an astonishing £350.  What a great way to raise money.  Thank You to those generous Essex boys who dug so deep into their pockets.