Leaking Rubber Boots

My daughter has some favourite rubber boots. She was given them for her birthday and (as with some other fashion items) they look great, but are not designed for rugged use. Needless to say, after a few months the boots developed a crack just above the foot, where the ankle bends. Water leaked in instantly and ruined not only the afternoon event but also my daughter’s confidence and sense of humour. She was much more upset that her favourite boots had become useless than she was about anything else. (People seem to have an extraordinary attachment to their favourite shoes, trainers or  boots!)

Anyway while she was away I had a go at fixing them with Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive. I just cleaned round the damaged area with soap and water and dried it. Then I applied the glue. I stuffed paper in the boots, so that they kept the right shape while the glue cured.  When the glue was partially dried I smoothed over the damaged area with a wet finger. In fact I was wearing plastic gloves because the glue is really sticky – get it on your fingers and every grain of dust will stick to it and turn your finger black for a day or two.  Then I left it overnight to dry off.

The next day I inspected the repair and it had repaired and strengthened the whole area round the leak. The repair was totally flexible and it put no strain on the damaged area. The glue is clear, so does not really show up . The best part was watching my daughters face when she saw her favourite boots with no leaks. She had a smile on her face all day.