I vote it “The Best”!

It is polling day today. Time to vote in a new government. Happily it is a clear and sunny day so hopefully there will be a good turn out.  Sunny days don’t just bring out the voters. You will see the sports cars and soft tops coming out and the motor cycles too. I had a great little soft top once. It was a TVR; really sporty and great fun to drive too.

People with soft top cars often find that the roof suffers from problems: leaks, wear, slashes, abrasion on folds, loose plastic windows etc.  We now sell Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive to hundreds of customers who want to make their own repairs to leaks in the car soft roof material. Stormsure works really well on this type of fabric and the cost of making a small repair before it gets worse (or larger) is minimal compared with a professional refit. Some cabriolet owners have repaired massive slashes with excellent result. It is water and weather proof, abrasion resistant and folds easily when you put the roof down. It works very well with the clear plastic windows too.

Have a quick look at the video and see just how easy it is to make a nearly invisible repair to car roof material.