Worn Heels on Rubber Soled Shoes

I had a pair of Timberland Deck Shoes. I wore them most days and they were very comfortable, with good grip and a soft feel that made them ideal for everyday use. The material from which the sole and heel is made naturally wears away with heavy use. Over time, the tread on the sole and the back of the heel wore quite significantly, and the heel in particular became a problem as the back of the shoe would be tilting back at an angle, and it became increasingly annoying.

So I decided to find out just how abrasion resistant Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive actually is. I turned the shoes upside down. I then took some brown sticky tape and wrapped it round the side of the heel. The vertical sides made by the tape contain the adhesive when it is poured in. I used a whole tube of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive and filled the worn area at the back of the heel. Then carefully left the glue to cure, making sure that the heel was horizontal, so that when the glue “self-levels” it will not leave the new based of the heel at a strange angle.

A day or two later I removed the brown tape, and “Voila!” There was a new heel on my shoes.  I trimmed off a couple of edges here and there and that was it.

I wore that pair of shoes for 2 more years with no further trouble. The new heels outlasted the rest of the shoe which eventually wore out when the leather disintegrated.