Inflatable Pools

This time last year my sister-in-law upgraded her swimming pool, from a 14 foot circular inflatable pool to a larger rectangular one. She very kindly gave us the old one, which we discovered had been attacked by the mice in her store room.  The main body of the pool was fine. But there was a large hole in the inflatable top ring, which was large enough to put your hand through.  I thought that I might be able to fix it with a bit of care and attention and a tube of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive with a patch.  The blue inflatable material is PVC, so I managed to find some clear PVC sheeting and cut out a square which more than covered the hole. I then trimmed it down to size so that there was about 2-3cm extra overlap.  All the corners on the patch were rounded off. I laid out the damaged part of the pool so it was as flat as possible. I then put the Stormsure Adhesive onto the blue pool material (all round the edge of the hole, but leaving a small 1mm or 2mm gap from the mouse chewed edge.) I also put Stormsure round the edge of the patch.  Carefully placing the patch over the hole ensures that there is no chance of the patch sticking to the back of the tube. It also ensures that there is a continuous layer of glue round the patch.  I left it to cure over night. The next morning I touched up the edges with more Stormsure and a paint brush; this ensures that any unglued flaps get glued down and that there is an airtight seal all round the edges. Occasionally I mix Stormsure with a solvent (or StormCure Accelerator) to thin it down. Then it is really easy to apply with a pain brush.

The next day we inflated the tube and I am pleased to say it was airtight on the first attempt. We immediately filled the pool and used it for the whole of last summer. It survived our children and their friends jumping on and off it with no further damage and no problems….. Well, when I say no problems, we could have tested it for longer if the weather had not been so miserable last summer!

Fixed with Stormsure and a patch