What we can’t fix.

The last three mornings have been a nightmare.  We planted our potatoes out 4 weeks ago and carefully kept banking up and covering them with soil until the sprouts and leaves were too big. This week we have had three nights of sharp frosts and it has seriously damaged the potatoes. The leaves have all died off and it has set back the growth by 2-3 weeks. Even worse is that about 25% of the plants inside our poly tunnel have been frost damaged. The French beans, the Cucumbers, Courgettes, Squashes and many of the small seedlings like Peppers and Herbs have been frost bitten. The polytunnel normally saves them from frost, so it must have been very cold.

There is a magnificent London Plane Tree in the garden. It is always the last tree to come into leaf in the spring. All the tiny budding leaves have been frost damaged on the lower part of the tree, but the leaves on the top third of the tree have survived unscathed. I am wondering what it is going to look like this summer.

We try to repair and fix most things in this household, but this is one thing we cannot fix.

(What happened to global warming anyway?)