Lightning Fast Sunlight Curing Glue.

I have a new product.

It is a glue which does not work in the normal way. Most glues cure when the solvent evaporates.

This new product cures when it is exposed to ultra violet light.  I tried it on some fabric, attempting to make a patchless repair over a 15mm circular hole.

I just put sticky tape over one side of the hole, turned the fabric over, and then put the glue over the edges of the hole and then filled in the rest of the hole. The glue settles flat on the sticky tape and makes a thin film. I exposed the glue to a UV torch and in ten seconds it has cured. Quite amazing really!  Straight away I peeled off the tape and it had formed a flexible waterproof layer over the hole.  This is a perfect solution for making instant repairs to leaks in waders and boots, when you need to do it right away. (And you do not need to have a UV torch in your pocket either; sunlight will do the job very well.)

You can not use it between two opaque layers as the light can’t get in, unless of course the layers are transparent. So it will also be handy on glass and perspex etc.

Covered and cured in a few seconds