Going Fishing?

A friend always goes fly fishing at half term. He is quite an expert and pays a lot of money for the best stretch of river. Last year he complained about his polaroid sunglasses steaming up when he had been casting the line for a few minutes. The trouble starts when he takes some exercise and his face gets a little hotter. The cool air keep the front of the sunglasses cool and the water vapour from the sweat condenses on the back of the lenses. The result is that he cannot see anything at all.

I gave him one of my AntiFog Sticks to try.  All you do is rub a tiny amount onto the back of the lenses and polish it in to the glass surface with a soft cloth until you can’t see it. Now the water will not form those tiny droplets on the surface that cause the fog. His vision is now as good as a Fish Eagle. What a shame the fish don’t realise it too!

It is very effective and is also used by many racing car drivers and motor cyclists on the inside of their visors and goggles. Also Paint Ball gamers use it too. You have to wear goggles in paint ball games for safety’s sake, and with all that running about it is inevitable that they will steam up.

It is no longer a problem when you use a StormClear Anti Fog Stick!!

Use it for sunglasses and goggles, windows and mirrors.