Repairing Tack

We have plenty of tack here. With 4 horses of varying sizes there is every opportunity to accidentally break something vital on their  reins or bridle. Last week  we had a minor issue , with a small leather retaining loop breaking. This is a nightmare to mend as it had originally been stitched on. However finding a needle strong enough is nearly impossible and the quotation from the local Newmarket saddlery to repair it was frightening. So we have made the repair with Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive. It took 3 minutes to clean, prepare and apply the glue; I clamped it and left it over night to cure properly and we used the item the next day. It is a really strong repair and will be the last thing to break now. So anyone in the equestrian world can use Stormsure with confidence, not just on tack, but also boots, wellies and horse rugs.