Inflatable Canoes with a leaking seam

The sun must be out, and so must the canoe people.  In the last week I have had calls from half a dozen people with inflatable canoes. They all have leaks in them and they need to know how to fix it.  

Well… small pin hole leaks and cuts up to 1cm or so are the easiest to fix. It really is simple. Clean the damaged area first of all. Deflate the canoe and then put a small drop of Stormsure Flexible Repair adhesive onto the hole or pin prick. Let the glue level out into a thick film, and leave to cure overnight. You will need to leave it flat and level while it cures.

Some of you have sprung leaks along the welded seams of the inflated sections. If they are small leaks these can be fixed by painting Stormsure Adhesive along the seam with a brush. Don’t forget to deflate the canoe first! You can thin the glue with StormCure Accelerator. This makes it easier to paint on in a thin layer. It also cures much quicker.

If you have over inflated the section and it has burst you will need to spend a bit more time on the repair. You will need to hold the 2 sections together while the glue cures. This can be done by  putting some sticky tape behind the damaged edges and pressing the edges on to the tape. The idea is to get the tape to hold the edges in the correct position while the glue cures. Once is has cured you can strengthen the seam area by painting a thin layer of Stormsure along the damaged part. This will give the whole section more support and strength, and ensure it is airtight.

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