New Products coming up for 2011

It is that time of year again when we add new products to our offering and chop out the products that do not sell so well (or we can no longer obtain).

We will shortly have some great instant patches. These can be used for quick repairs on tents, kites and bladders, waterproof clothing and inflatable items like pool toys etc. The patches are clear polyurethane film, which is incredibly strong and resilient. Much better than those PVC patches which never last very long. They are really simple to use. Just peel off the backing paper and press them firmly into place on a flat surface. They are not as strong as using layers of Stormsure adhesive, but much quicker. If you have them in your pocket you can fix a problem in just a few seconds. They will be available online in the first instance. Postage will be standard letter rate – so that will help to keep the cost down.