Pine nuts


Shelled pine nuts

I had an unpleasant experience the other day. I ate a mouth full of delicate “small” pine nuts which had been bought for a Saturday lunch-time salad. They tasted fine and I had no reason to think that they were anything else. However a day or two later I began to get a very unpleasant taste in my mouth. I thought it might have been caused by some insect repellant I had been spraying that morning, so thought no more about it. But every time I ate something that day and for the next four days, I had a really unpleasant bitter taste at the back of my mouth. The flavour of coffee became quite disgusting. Wine became undrinkable; most food tasted unpleasant at best and inedible at worst.  I became quite concerned and  discussed it with my wife, and she too said she had exactly the same symptoms. We both became quite worried and called our local doctor, thinking we had eaten something poisonous. The doctor said it was almost certainly an unidentified virus producing the symptoms.  My brother-in-law reported that he had also had a very bad reaction with very similar symptoms a month or two before, and had been quite ill. Following further investigation and a thorough internet search we found in amongst the blogs, much more circumstantial evidence pointing towards oxidised pine nuts causing the problem.


Anyway it is now being recognised more widely and colleagues have put up a note about it on Wikipedia.