Leather Sofa Rip Repaired – A genuine customer comment.

Leather Sofas can be Repaired with Stormsure Adhesive

I did e-mail you when I bought your repair adhesive, saying the speed and service was excellent and thanks for your reply.
I will now tell you what I bought it for.
My leather sofa split right across the front seam and I was told by manufacturer and by furniture repairers and by a leathercraft repair service that it was not possible to repair this seam
Well, Hey Ho! How wrong they all were.
I AM SO GLAD that I tried Stormsure and cannot praise it highly enough, you can now add to your list of items that it repairs….also repairs leather sofas.
I am absolutely thrilled to bits I found your shop and will highly recommend it to everyone.
I will also put it on your Facebook page,
Thank you, thank you , thank you,
By the way this split in the seam was 14 inches long!