Ripped Raincoat

Climbing over a barbed wire fence last week I managed to snag it and there was an awful ripping sound. Yikes! I thought… What a disaster!  Sure enough I had made one of those ” L” shaped rips about 4 inches long in one direction and 5″ in the other.

This actually is quite easy to repair. I cleaned and dried the rain coat, and then placed sticky tape over the “L” shaped tear, on the outside of the coat.  Then I turned the coat inside out. The Stormsure Adhesive was spread over the line of the rip on the inside. With a spatula I squeegeed the glue so that it was evenly spread in a film about 1mm thick, and then left it flat overnight while it cured.  The result….. a repair which is waterproof and practically un-noticeable.  A good result. Especially if it is a favourite coat of yours.  No doubt if it had happened to Cameron Diaz, she would have gone out and bought a new coat. Such is life!