Inflatable Boat Problem

It was only last week when I have a problem with a parcel that I discovered just how strong on of our adhesives actually was. A parcel was knocked over on the warehouse floor, and no one noticed it for a couple of days. It turns out that a small 250ml tin of Stormoprene adhesive opened and then oozed through the gaps in the cardboard and onto the concrete floor. When I found the box, I tried to lift it up, but I couldn’t! The glue had set solid over a small area of about 3 inches by 4 inches. No amount of pulling and yanking would shift it. (It is slightly flexible and has a little “give”) I ended up having to use a Stanley knife with a new super sharp blade to cut the tin off the floor.

Now, that is the sort of glue I need when I am putting a patch on the tubes of my leaking RIB.

It works on PVC, Polyurethane fabric. But it works especially well on Hypalon (which most modern, quality RIBs are made from) extremely well when used as a 2 part glue. Just mix the small bottle (Part B) with the tin of adhesive and sue as a normal contact adhesive. The chemicals in the glue will then cross link with the plastic molecules in the Hypalon fabric and make an incredibly durable and strong bond, able to withstand the high air pressure that you get in the tubes of a RIB.