Wood Glue.

A colleague who has worked in the adhesives industry for many years has done some tests with Stormsure. He is looking for other opportunities for selling it and did some tests on a range of different materials. When he called me today he said that he was really impressed by how well it works with wood. On the four tests where he used Stormsure to bond wood together, he did destructive tests; in all cases the wood broke before the adhesive joint came apart. But not only that, Stormsure is particularly effective when there are sizeable gaps in the joints (usually from excessive wobble like a loose chair leg, or bad carpentry such as found in most of my wood working attempts…). As Stormsure is 70% solids, even when cured it has great gap filling properties. This is particularly useful when the wood is a bit warped as the gap widens with the curvature.   I have been repairing my beehives this week and Stormsure has done an excellent job on dozens of loose joints. It also keeps the joints waterproof throughout the year and I have full expectations that they will need no significant repair for quite a while.