Favourite Boots in near catastrophic disaster

My daughter is pony mad. Not only is her room covered in pictures of ponies but her favourite gum boots are printed with pictures of ponies and they have been her pride and joy since Christmas. Only five months later – yesterday –  she came into the kitchen holding the boots with tears in her eyes and water in her socks. An inch long split has appeared on one boot, just where the boot bends when you walk.  I inspected the other boot and it too is going the same way in exactly the same place.

Last night I made a simple repair, in just five minutes, with a spatula and a small tube of Stormsure. I have covered all the areas that look as if they might split in the future too. Just a thick film of Stormsure is all you need. This morning they are ready to wear again. And you can hardly see the repair at all….Big smiles all round.