Inflatable Pool Repair Patches – New! and very sticky…

Pack of 5 x 75mm waterproof patches

Stormsure’s new self adhesive patches are made from a tough polyurethane film, which is much more resilient than regular PVC patches. It is the simplest of jobs to apply one of these patches over a small cut or pin hole in an inflatable toy or the top inflatable ring of an above ground swimming pool. Once applied the leaking air is trapped where it should be – in the tube, and you can enjoy your pool without worrying that the water will gush out when you are not looking and the inflatable ring has slowly deflated.
The patches can easily but cut to fit awkward shapes if necessary. Just use a sharp pair of scissors. In fact the patches are of ample size and for many small repairs only a small area need be patched at all.  You can use these patches for hundreds of other jobs and make temporary repairs on tents, waterproof clothing, car soft roof material, plastic boots and waders and much more. Watch the video and see just how easy it is to use.