Auto hood window repair

Hi I live in America and as you are probably aware many people in the US have convertible cars. The other day I found an awful tear in the clear plastic window on my convertible hood, which was letting a lot of water in. My neighbour recommended a product called Stormsure which she said was great for repairs on many items including car hoods.


I went online ( and bought a pack of self adhesive waterproof strips. All I had to do was gently peel of the paper on the back, place it on the tear and then slowly peel the rest of the paper off, sticking it down as you go. It was very simple to use and made a great job. It was also very fast and you can barely notice where it was. These Stormsure repair strips were totally amazing!! I am going to order several more packets as they are so useful. I am going to use them on my rubber boots, my children’s inflatables and paddling pool.

These are a must in every household. The delivery is very fast as well. I have no negative points about this amazing product. I now recommend it to anyone including local businesses ( so if you know a local business that you think could sell them, they should get in touch with Stormsure)