A Mother tells me about her son’s Trainers

Teenage boys feet grow a size a week. I find that teenagers have to keep up with current fashion trends, I try my best to keep them up to date with the new clothing ranges and shoe brands to ensure that they feel as trendy as everyone else. However, to my cost, I have discovered that some of these branded shoes are poorly made and sold at extremely high prices. I recently purchased an expensive pair of fashionable trainers (not these ones!) for my son..


He was really pleased with them and wore them to the exclusion of all other footwear for a couple of weeks… until the rubber strip between the sole and the upper started coming adrift. I took the shoes back to the shop and they suggested I use a product called Stormsure which they said would be perfect. I researched Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive on the internet and found it very easily. It had some great reviews and cost under £6. They will send it anywhere in the world. I read the simple, easy to use instructions, glued the shoes and left it over night to cure. When I told my son I had fixed them, he could barely believe me as you could barely notice there had been a problem. He was so pleased to have his favourite shoes back as good as new and I think I went up in his estimation as a parent who does a good job (just sometimes!)

 You can purchase Stormsure products on www.stormsure.com. I ordered a 15g tube and it arrived the next day. Now I have a tube of the glue I have used it successfully on rubber boots, inflatable toys, and our camping tent rips and leaks. I urge that if you have a similar problem you should buy this great product. It will keep you fav shoes going for years!!