Auto Hood Window Repair – Soft Top and Awning Windows

We have a great new product that we have developed for making long lasting repairs to splits and cracks in flexible windows. This is the type of flexible window you find on a car soft top roof or on a caravan awning or modern marquee.  For auto hood and awning windows

The splits in these windows if often caused by the way the fabric bends when it is folded down or packed away.  Our new  self adhesive Tuff Tape strips are clear and transparent (not pearlescent/matt, like Tear Aid tape). You just peel off the backing paper and carefully apply the tape over the crack, and then firmly press the tape onto the window, to remove any air bubbles or wrinkles. That is all you need to do. The repair is barely visible. It is wind proof and waterproof and should last for years.Repair windows on Auto hoods and Awnings