Need to fix a HGV Curtain-Side effectively and at an affordable price?


HGV curtain sides are difficult and expensive to repair.  Stormsure Tuff Tape and Tuff tape Patches could be the answer.  The products are quick to use, highly effective and affordable making them the perfect choice.

Rips and tears on the sides of HGV’s are unsightly and are often fixed using gaffer tape as an emergency repair.  This, after time frays and gradually becomes ineffective letting water damage further exacerbate the problem.  Tuff Tape and Tuff Tape Patches are an efficient, easy to use and highly effective. The tape is transparent, elastic and will stretch. It is incredibly abrasion resistant, waterproof and resilient.

The HGV’s curtain does not have to be removed and fixed by a third party, this often means the vehicle is out of use for several hours or days.  Tuff Tape keeps the vehicle on the road and in use all the time.  The driver can make the repair himself in a matter of minutes, so there is no wasted time or loss in driver hours.

TUFF Tape is available in:

75mm circular patches

500mm x 75mm strips

10m x 75mm rolls

We also use them in our new range of Repair Kits

They are all available from the Stormsure web shop