I had to pay a lot of money to fix it!

I never like having to replace  a fairly new item just because I have damaged it.

Last autumn a friend spent £300 on a new pair of really good quality wellington boots, only to snag them on  barbed wire last winter and ripping a hole in the rubber near the side of his foot. He was mortified at the prospect of replacing them when he had only used them for a few weeks.

In reality, we often think we need to replace things rather than repair them. But it is not true.

At Stormsure, we encourage you all to think about making a lasting repair with our products. For a small price you really can save a great deal of money.

Try out our new TUFF Tape and special Repair Kits.

Once you have used it you will never go back to anything else!

Stormsure Fixes Nearly Everything!

Fix rips in window and fabric
Fix rips in window and fabric