Inflatable repairs

Inflatable pools, paddling pools even dolphins, seals and whales can be brought back to life from a winter of discontent because Stormsure has the answer!


Using our inflatable repair kits could not be easier and they are cost effective too!

Simply ensure that the area is clean and dry and using the simple instructions on the kit start your repair.

For awkward areas and large rips and leaks use Stormsure TUFF TAPE.  This can be cut to any desired length.  TUFF TAPE is available in a 30m roll, 10m roll and strips.

Please check out our other repair kits too and make long lasting, strong repairs fast:

  • Car/Auto
  • Boots and Waders
  • Canoes
  • Tents and bivvies
  • Horse rugs
  • Wet/Dry suits
  • Sail, kite and board