Interestingly this week  (the hottest one of the year) we have had loads of interest in our Horse Rug Repair Kits!

Savvy equestrians are realising that now is the time for cleaning and repairs whilst their horses are out at grass for the summer.  Stables are being painted and fixed, tack cleaned and checked over and those big, hefty horse rugs washed and mended for the long, cold winter months ahead.

Stormsure’s Horse Rug Repair Kit repairs not only one rug but several making it incredibly cost-effective.  The kit is easy to use and will give waterproof protection throughout next winter and the many more to come!


The pack contains:

2 x clear self adhesive patches, 3 x coloured nylon patches, 2 x tubes of Stormsure Adhesive, glue spreader, plastic gloves and an instruction sheet.

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