Stormsure’s Flexible Adhesive saves our Crocs!

I seem to be having very little luck with Crocs this year!  Especially when it comes to over vigourous children pulling them off and on.

The first pair I tried to fix with a generic superglue (which did not work) and then I was introduced to Stormsure’s Flexible Adhesive and it worked without any further fuss or bother.


I am told that the torn strap of a croc  is a  common one and that the only thing they are good for is the emergency garden shoe collection, in other words… never to be seen again!  Not anymore  in our house as Stormsure’s Flexible Adhesive has done the trick creating a virtually invisible flexible seal around the tear.

I applied the glue and used a peg to hold it together whilst it cured overnight.  The shoe was fixed the next morning, waterproofed, abrasion resistant and extremely tough against the rough pull of an eager 4 year old.  Usually the glue would have been repeatedly absorbed into the rubber but this was not the case with Stormsure’s Flexible Adhesive, it did the job brilliantly first time with no fuss.