I am sorry to say I have learned the hard way when it comes to self-inflating air beds.  Mine inflated beautifully and was the epitome of comfort for the first 4 hours until I woke to kind myself laying on the floor with with only my head slightly raised off the ground!

On inspection of the airbed (at 5 in the morning) finding a leak was impossible so I dragged it to the car re-inflated it and went back to sleep for another 4 hours.

Not ideal!

There are of course several quick ways in which to check your air-bed for leaks and tears, in most cases they will be on the bottom so best to check there first.

1. Listen to see if you can hear air expelling from it.

if that doesn’t work….

2. Wet the back of your fore arm, hand or lips and gently move them along the area,  you should be able to feel the cool air escaping.

and finally…

3. Using soapy water gently soap over the area, bubbles should form over the tear/leak as the air escapes. This final method is definitely the most effective BUT you have to make sure the mattress is perfectly dry before applying patches, tape or glues so it takes much more time.

Patching up an air mattress leak... Use a Stormsure Waterproof Repair Kit we have one specifically for inflatables and pools.  The kit contains a 5g tube of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive and self adhesive patches of Stormsure’s new Tuff Tape material.


Simply mark the area where the leak is coming from and use the patches, tape or glue to repair it.  For flocked air beds the glue is best, this will create a waterproof airtight seal that’s abrasion resistant and prevents you having to scrub away any of the flocking as it sticks to it without allowing air to escape.

The air bed will now be back to full working order.  I will be having a dummy run with mine (just to check there’s only one leak ;))