Repairing Inflatable Air Beams

It’s looking like inflatable air beam tents are going to be the next big thing for camping in 2014.








We all know that putting up your tent in the pouring rain can be an absolute nightmare and anything to make it faster and easier would be a bonus.

Inflatable air beam tents will do just that just one press of a button and hey presto your tent is up!

However as always these things come with a downside….

Over inflation can cause the bladder to burst and poorly made seams can easily split both of which can be a nightmare to fix without the right materials.  This is where Stormsure has the answer.

For burst or punctured bladders (on a smooth surface not the seam) use our TUFF tape and patches; the area can be easily sealed without any fuss and the repair will be long lasting and tough.

Pack of 5 x 75mm waterproof patches
Pack of 5 x 75mm waterproof patches











Like wise with the seams (almost impossible to fix using a patch). It’s really important that you use the right type of glue.  Stormsure Flexible Adhesive is perfect for such a job and will create an abrasion resistant, watertight, rubber finish that can with stand almost anything.












If you’re repairing a seam always carefully clean the parts to be glued with a solvent or alcohol.  This will remove any silicone, which was used in the manufacturing process and may have directly caused the weakness in the welded seam.