For the technically minded Stormsure is a moisture-curing adhesive.  Like many modern glues the chemical reaction that cures the glue requires the presence of water.  The tiny amounts of water that will start the curing reaction are found in the air and on the surfaces of the items being glued.  Normally it is a chain reaction that starts at the very surface of the glue and works its way inwards.

This is the case for most super glues, modern wood glues as well as Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive.  In the case of Stormsure the cure time is usually between 10 – 12 hours depending on the temperature and humidity.  However if you are in a rush you can reduce the cure time to about 1 hour.  All you need to do is to thoroughly mix the glue with a tiny amount of water.  For example if I was using the whole of a 15g tube of glue for a job I would mix in 1 drop of water.  It is important that the water is thoroughly mixed into the glue and evenly dispersed.  The glue will then start to cure everywhere rather than just at the surfaces.  Using this trick can result in the glue appearing cloudy when cured.  The cloudiness is actually 1000’s of tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide, which are produced in the curing reaction.

For 99% of jobs it won’t make the blindest bit of difference to the strength and quality of the repair!