Making up your own repair kits.

We now have several companies buying Stormsure Adhesive to make up their own repair kits. The small 5g tubes are the simplest tube to include in a kit and we sell them in bulk with no packing.  A tub of 75 small tubes is perfect. These tubes contain more than enough glue for most minor repairs. Many people keep a few handy and treat them as “single use” tubes so they always have a fresh tube for a new repair. (I use mine carefully and get 2 or 3 repairs out of each tube).

Add patches of nylon, neoprene, leather, rubber, PVC or what ever other materials you need for your kit.

Remember, Stormsure often needs no patch as it forms an incredibly tough film on its own. It works really well on furniture, brickwork, wax jackets and footwear. That’s versatile!

We now sell a range of repair kits for different purposes and they are selling like hot cakes.  Have you got an idea for what would you could fix with Stormsure?