Watersport Repair Kit
Watersport Repair Kit

Fixing a rip in the nylon canopy of a kite is easy using a STORMSURE TUFF Tape patch. Simply stick the patch over the rip and press firmly. Any time a surf kite is on the ground there is a chance that you can catch the nylon on something sharp like a stone, twig or piece of wire.

TUFF Tape is ideal for sails, kites and inflatable bladders. It is brilliant stuff! It is made of thin film polyurethane with a self adhesive backing. Peel off the paper, and carefully place the patch onto the fabric. You need to avoid creases and fold/bubbles in the patch if at all possible.

Guaranteed to get you back on the water in seconds.

Use TUFF Tape for and instant fix on simple rips on nylon fabric and cuts and leaks in the inflatable bladders. If you have burst the  bladder at the seams you need to use the Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive glue.

You can use the small Kite and Surf Repair Kit (RRP £5.50) or the larger Water Sports Repair Kits (RRP £9.99)  There is enough material in the larger kit to mend your wetsuit, wellies and boat cover too. In fact, it will stick to so many things; I have patched both wetsuits, airbeds, hiking trousers and cracked plastic buckets with it.