StormForm – Hand mouldable plastic

This product is available now.IMG_7962_zpsb96234ab

It is the simplest and most practical repair solution I have come across in years. You can use it anywhere and in almost any conditions. And you can re-use it 100s of times. Just put a spoonful of StormForm Granules into a tea cup.  Cover with boiling water and wait 20 seconds. The plastic beads melt, and can be lifted out with a spoon. You then have a transparent putty in your hands with which you can make and shape articles. If it is not quite right warm it up and try again.

The plastic is sticky when hot but after ten minutes it cools and hardens into white plastic. I made a clip which holds my bicycle lamp, and it is stuck directly onto my cycling helmet. After 6 months of use it is still in good shape and has needed nothing doing to it.  See another demonstration video on the website below:

It is available from the Stormsure website for £9.99