StormProof Waterproof Spray

We have a GREAT new product for sale in 2016. It is called “StormProof”.

You can  spray it on to almost any fabric, from a distance of about 15cm or 6 inches, and then let it dry naturally in the air. (If you can dry it on a radiator or tumble drier that is even better.) Once it is dry the material will become hydrophobic. That means that water landing on the surface will form a ball and roll off – keeping you dry. Not only will it repel water, it will also help to repel oil and soil.

Use this product to reproof breathable fabrics.  It is ideal for use on fleeces, jumpers, raincoats, tweeds, woollens, horse rugs, car soft roof material, leather footwear, umbrellas, tents, awnings and so much more.
Watch these 2 short videos to see just how simple it is to use, and just how effective it is. It is available from Stormsure Ltd in the UK.    Tel +44 (0)3333 44 1500     email