About Stormsure Ltd

Stormsure Ltd is a company that specialises in manufacture and distribution of specialist adhesives. These are primarily used for the manufacture and repair of items which are waterproof, airtight and flexible. Our Flexible Repair Adhesive is well known and sold all over the world in a variety of niche markets such as camping, watersports, diving, footwear, equestrian, fishing and hardware, for example. Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive can be used for fixing leaks, rips and tears in Wetsuits and Drysuits, Tents, Awnings, Waders, Inflatable items and Rubber boots. It is also widely used for repairs to Horse rugs & blankets and all types of footwear, such as trainers, leather boots and shoes, and shoes made of man-made fabrics.

For more information contact us :   http://www.stormsure.com


6 thoughts on “About Stormsure Ltd

  1. Hi Stu,
    You need to freeze it right away after putting the cap back on. Do not leave it until the next day.
    Then you ned to defrost it before using it again.


  2. The freezer does not seem to stop it curing. I had wrapped most of a 15grm tube with plastic wrap, air expelled. Put it in the freezer, and now find it a few months later as solid as a rubber ball. Useless. Best to rethink the way you are providing the product. Plunger may be more effective. Or just keep to smaller amounts. Cheers Stu


  3. Stormsure is available in a number of different stores:
    Fishing Tackle Stores
    Camping and Outdoor
    Diving and Watersports
    Marine Chandlers
    Hardware Stores
    Equestrian Stores
    And widely available online on private stores and eBay too.


  4. Hi Grame,
    Thanks for your comment.

    Stormsure is sensitive to water vapour. In fact, the glue coming into contact with water vapour is required to start the curing process. However if, when you use the glue, you allow too much water vapour to get to the glue, it will start to cure. The curing reaction is a chemical “chain reaction” and can continue inside the tube if there is a bubble in the tube. That is why we recommend that the glue is squeezed to the top of the tube so there are no air bubbles inside the tube.
    It is also wise not to use the neck of the tube to spread the adhesive around as this exposes a larger surface area of the product to the air and water vapour. This can cause curing and also can glue the cap onto the tube so tight that it is difficult, or impossible, to remove.
    You may find that the back half of the tube is actually still soft and usable, but you will have to pierce the tube.

    To avoid this happening again you can store the tube in the freezer, once it has been opened. The water turns to ice and there is no chemical reaction. Just warm it up to room temperature before you use it again.

    We do sell 2 small tubes on a blister card. This is handy as you can use one tube knowing that the unopened one should be fine for the next time you need it. You can buy then directly on the stormsure website. Delivery by 1st class mail the next day.


  5. I bought on the web a tube of your flexible repair adhesive to repair a rip in the soft top on my car. Meantime I have used the product on a number of repairs very successfully and am highly satisfied.

    My only reservation is that now I want to repair the soft top the product( nearly a whole tube) has gone hard inside the tube. Have I made some error or is there sometimes a fault? In any case I need a second tube. Can you supply one please?


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