Cold weather = Viscous glue

IMG_9301A few people have contacted me recently asking if their tube of glue was OK as it seemed to be very viscous or partially cured in the tube. In fact, this is not the case and it is not a problem.

When the glue is very cold is does get more viscous. I put the tube in a tea cup and pour boiling water on it and leave it for a few minutes to warm up. Then the glue becomes quite fluid again and is perfect to use right away.

Note that partially used tubes should be kept in the fridge or freezer, as it will make the glue go waxy and hard but prevent it from curing inside the tube. Then the glue will be in good condition to use again a few weeks or months later. (The glue is very sensitive to contact with water or water vapour which initiates the curing reaction.)

Often people use the neck of the tube to spread the glue around when they are making a repair, and this can cause the cap to get permanently fixed  the neck of the tube. Just pour out some glue (put the cap back on right away) and use a spatula or knife to spread the glue around.


StormForm – Hand mouldable plastic

This product is available now.IMG_7962_zpsb96234ab

It is the simplest and most practical repair solution I have come across in years. You can use it anywhere and in almost any conditions. And you can re-use it 100s of times. Just put a spoonful of StormForm Granules into a tea cup.  Cover with boiling water and wait 20 seconds. The plastic beads melt, and can be lifted out with a spoon. You then have a transparent putty in your hands with which you can make and shape articles. If it is not quite right warm it up and try again.

The plastic is sticky when hot but after ten minutes it cools and hardens into white plastic. I made a clip which holds my bicycle lamp, and it is stuck directly onto my cycling helmet. After 6 months of use it is still in good shape and has needed nothing doing to it.  See another demonstration video on the website below:

It is available from the Stormsure website for £9.99


Solowheel – a transport revolution.

This year is the time for a transport revolution. I came across a great new invention, bought one and have been using it daily since September. This amazing item is called a Solowheel.

Solowheel looks unusual. It is a one wheeled personal electric vehicle. It is not much larger than a brief case. It weighs 10Kgs and the wheel is the ONLY moving part.
Whilst it looks impossible to use (as it has only one wheel) it actually took me about 20 minutes to learn how to use it. Once learnt – never forgotten, rather like riding a bicycle…

Solowheel is the ideal method of getting from A to B when the distance is a bit more than you want to, or have time to, walk. I use it to go to the village shop which is one and a half miles away. I also use it for getting around town.I park on the edge of town and then take the Solowheel in for the last mile; it means I no longer pay Cambridge’s extortionate parking fees, which can be nearly £10 for a couple of hours.

Solowheel is great for commuters too. It can be carried onto a bus, train or aeroplane and used at both ends of the journey. It will take you up to 10 miles on a single charge and takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour to fully recharge the battery.
Solowheel actually goes up quite steep hills. I rode mine straight up Park Row in Bristol. but the range will reduce if you go up hill all the time. However it does recharge the battery when you are going down hill again!

Solo wheel Limited will start distributing Solowheels this year, so get in touch if you want to know more.

Watch the video!

You will find out more on

Kite Surf Ripper

Watersport Repair Kit
Watersport Repair Kit

Fixing a rip in the nylon canopy of a kite is easy using a STORMSURE TUFF Tape patch. Simply stick the patch over the rip and press firmly. Any time a surf kite is on the ground there is a chance that you can catch the nylon on something sharp like a stone, twig or piece of wire.

TUFF Tape is ideal for sails, kites and inflatable bladders. It is brilliant stuff! It is made of thin film polyurethane with a self adhesive backing. Peel off the paper, and carefully place the patch onto the fabric. You need to avoid creases and fold/bubbles in the patch if at all possible.

Guaranteed to get you back on the water in seconds.

Use TUFF Tape for and instant fix on simple rips on nylon fabric and cuts and leaks in the inflatable bladders. If you have burst the  bladder at the seams you need to use the Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive glue.

You can use the small Kite and Surf Repair Kit (RRP £5.50) or the larger Water Sports Repair Kits (RRP £9.99)  There is enough material in the larger kit to mend your wetsuit, wellies and boat cover too. In fact, it will stick to so many things; I have patched both wetsuits, airbeds, hiking trousers and cracked plastic buckets with it.


Cycling to the Pub tonight?

I bought a new bicycle recently, with the aim of taking a bit of serious exercise. The bike design is great for the most part, but I noticed that there is not enough room on the handle bars to place the fittings for a front light. Also the seat fitting/position is not suitable for the rear light either, as it interferes with the mudguard fitting. Even the  struts down to the rear wheel are not cylindrical but tapering triangular sections, so they do not work with the rear light fittings.
My plans to cycle with some friends to a pub one evening and come back in the dark are being thwarted!
However, I have used some StormForm (our new product) and a bit of ingenuity, and fixed both front and rear LED lights onto my helmet.

StormForm is polymer which can be melted in hot water and moulded to almost any shape, and it then cools into a hard white plastic. It sticks really well to the plastic on the helmet and and after a few rides shows no sign of coming off.

StormForm is THE MOST USEFUL PRODUCT I have come across for ages!

So I should be visible coming back after dark this week end.  Does anyone want to try it out?

You can get  StormForm in a box of 70g and  250ml and 1 litre  tins  from


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