Lost Bung!

I was getting my inflatable boat towable ready for the summer (this is a large inflatable mattress that you can tow behind a speed boat) only to discover that the mice had been at it.  A couple of small holes in the PVC are going to spoil the fun.  A quick dollop of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive have fixed them in no time.
Worse, however, is the fact that the bung is missing. I can inflate it with no problem, but I cannot keep the air in! The bung has an unusual thread which tapers as it goes in. I have looked on line but found nothing.

Missing Bung
Missing Bung

So , I have made a new bung. I used StormForm. This is a hot water mouldable polymer. It comes in granule form. I put about 25 grams in a cup and covered it with boiling water.





After a few seconds it all melts into a thick flexible plastic. Then, with my hands I have moulded this into the rough shape of a bung. Of course it did not fit, but by remelting the StormForm and screwing the bung into the hole, I have managed to make a perfect screw thread.


After about 10 minutes I have an airtight bung again.


Hand Made bung
Hand Made bung

New TUFF Tape on sale now.

Stormsure now has its excellent new product called TUFF TAPE on sale.TUFF50

This is a brilliant product. It is a paper backed self Adhesive tape. It is made from the same tough material as Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive. If you are familiar with the glue then this tape will really impress you. The tape is clear and translucent and is available either as a matt finish or a shiny finish.  Use it to fix a rip on a rain coat, tent, car soft roof, or a crack in a plastic bucket: TUFF TAPE will do a great job.

Just cut a piece to length to suit the size of the damaged area (and a little extra overlap). Round off the corners with a pair of scissors. Peel off the backing paper and stick it on. Press the tape on firmly to remove any air and ensure good adhesion and that is it.TUFF10m

The tape is elastic and will stretch. It is incredibly abrasion resistant, and it is resilient, even through a washing machine cycle!

We even used it to make a temporary repair on a burst frozen pipe. It stopped the water squirting everywhere until the plumber arrived the next day.

TUFF Tape is available  in:

75mm circular patches

50cm x 75mm strips

10m x 75mm rolls

We also use them in our new range of Repair Kits

They are all available from the Stormsure web shop